Nolan County, Texas Cemeteries

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69 Ranch Cemetery Maryneal Community
Blackwell Cemetery (aka James Cemetery) 32.111389, -100.322222
Blue Goose Ranch Cemetery Sweetwater Area
Brooks Ranch Cemetery Sweetwater Area
Campbell Cemetery 32.148611, -100.167778
Champion Cemetery 32.373889, -100.621667
Charles Cupp Cemetery Sweetwater Area
Coffee Cemetery 32.435833, -100.298333
Decker Cemetery 32.177500, -100.346944
Dora Cemetery 32.283333, -100.176944
Double Heart Ranch Cemetery Sweetwater Area
Garden of Memories Cemetery 32.485556, -100.354722
Harp Ranch Cemetery Maryneal Community
Hylton Cemetery 32.140833, -100.213056
James Cemetery (see Blackwell Cemetery)
Macon Resthaven Cemetery Blackwell Community
Maryneal Cemetery 32.233611, -100.476944
Nolan Cemetery 32.264722, -100.305278
Roscoe Cemetery 32.458611, -100.525000
Scott Family Cemetery Ada Community
Slater Chapel Cemetery 32.281111, -100.229722
Sweetwater Cemetery 32.457120, -100.422230
White Church Cemetery 32.383889, -100.131389
Wilson Ranch Cemetery Sweetwater Area