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Gaines County, Texas Schools

Please submit your Gaines County, Texas school information for researchers to share. Send your information to the Gaines County, Texas Genealogy & History Network at:

If you know of a school in Gaines County, Texas that is not on our list, please let us know.

Loop School Unknown
Seagraves Elementary School 32.945376, -102.570193
Seagraves High School Unknown
Seagraves Junior High School 32.948432, -102.57186
Seminole Elementary School 32.718159, -102.649355
Seminole High School 32.720937, -102.668523
Seminole Junior High School 32.717882, -102.651577
Seminole Primary School 32.715659, -102.650466
Seminole Success Center 32.718993, -102.651577
Young Elementary School 32.717882, -102.670189
Young School 32.71816, -102.670189