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Coke County, Texas Cemeteries

Please submit your Coke County, Texas cemetery records and updates for researchers to share. Send your information to the Coke County, Texas Genealogy & History Network at:

If you know of a cemetery in Coke County, Texas that is not on our list, please let us know.

Bronte Cemetery (see Fairview Cemetery)
Brookshire Cemetery (see Mount Victory Cemetery)
Cedar Hill Cemetery 32.007500, -100.747500
Divide Cemetery 31.806881, -100.695455
Edith Cemetery Unknown
Fairview Cemetery (aka Bronte Cemetery) 31.880833, -100.288611
Fort Chadbourne Cemetery 32.040556, -100.251111
Fort Chadbourne Town Cemetery 31.988611, -100.291667
Hayrick Cemetery 31.955000, -100.395000
Indian Creek Cemetery 31.893056, -100.414444
Mount Victory Cemetery Unknown
Mule Creek Cemetery 31.715000, -100.317222
Paint Creek Cemetery 31.903611, -100.605833
Robert Lee Cemetery 31.897810, -100.475256
Robert Lee Hispanic Cemetery Unknown
Ross Cemetery 32.022778, -100.343889
Sanco Cemetery Unknown
Terry Memorial Cemetery Unknown
Valley View Cemetery Unknown