Caldwell County, Texas Schools

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Carver High School 29.886111, -97.662778
Carver School 29.887778, -97.664167
Clear Fork Elementary School Unknown
Leonard Shanklin Elementary School 29.677500, -97.655000
Lockhart High School Unknown
Lockhart Intermediate School Unknown
Lockhart Junior High School 29.886667, -97.677778
Lockhart Vocational High School 29.886111, -97.663056
Luling High School 29.678611, -97.654722
Luling Junior High School 29.679722, -97.654722
Luling Primary School 29.679722, -97.656667
Pegasus School Unknown
Plum Creek Elementary School 29.893333, -97.661667
Prairie Lea School Unknown
Pride School 29.899167, -97.678056
Rosenwald Primary School 29.687222, -97.655278
Rosenwald School 29.687500, -97.655000