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Bandera County, Texas Cemeteries

Please submit your Bandera County, Texas cemetery records and updates for researchers to share. Send your information to the Bandera County, Texas Genealogy & History Network at:

If you know of a cemetery in Bandera County, Texas that is not on our list, please let us know.

Adams Cemetery 29.769111, -99.398379
Amasa Clark Cemetery Unknown
Arnold Cemetery Unknown
Baker Cemetery (aka Oak Rest Cemetery) 29.807999, -99.252819
Ballentine-Moncur Cemetery Bandera community
Bandera Cemetery Bandera community
Bauerlein Cemetery 29.79161, -99.356433
Davenport Cemetery Unknown
Dean Ranch Cemetery Tarpley community
Dial Cemetery Tarpley community
Dixie Dude Ranch Cemetery Bandera community
Forest Family Cemetery Medina community
Goodman Cemetery 29.831053, -99.260875
Haby Cemetery 29.667825, -99.424392
Helm Cemetery Unknown
Hicks Ranch Cemetery Unknown
Hillman Cemetery 29.867996, -99.395046
Hinds Cemetery Unknown
Honey Creek Cemetery 29.86752, -99.418139
Jones Cemetery 29.62856, -99.540882
Lawyer Cemetery Unknown
Mayfield Family Cemetery Pipe Creek community
Means Cemetery 29.859663, -99.333655
Megans Grove Cemetery Bandera community
Oak Rest Cemetery (see Baker Cemetery)
Oborski Cemetery Medina community
Pipe Creek Cemetery 29.70828, -98.937809
Polly Cemetery 29.770501, -98.992811
Postert Family Cemetery Bandera community
Riggs Cemetery Bandera community
Saint Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery - New Bandera community
Saint Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery - Old Bandera community
Scott Cemetery Unknown
Tarpley Cemetery 29.641893, -99.262541
West Prong Cemetery 29.793833, -99.281986