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Bailey County, Texas Rivers, Lakes, & Streams

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Alkali Springs Unknown
Baileyboro Lake 34.004362, -102.820631
Barnett Springs Unknown
Blackwater Lake Unknown
Blackwater Springs Unknown
Butler Springs (historical) Unknown
Coyote Lake 34.104945, -102.88112
Enochs Pond 33.932034, -102.778548
Jack Young Lake 33.961515, -102.795917
Jumbo Springs (historical) Unknown
Lower Goose Lake 33.960287, -102.744879
Lower Pauls Lake 33.979606, -102.719862
Lower White Lake 33.942698, -102.7677
Millen Lake 34.245079, -102.662156
Upper Goose Lake 33.956329, -102.754887
Upper Pauls Lake 33.983318, -102.715258
Upper White Lake 33.945228, -102.773236
White Springs Unknown
Willow Lake 34.191747, -102.710214