Archer County, Texas Cemeteries

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Archer City Cemetery 33.60298, -98.63215
Battle of Stone Houses Burial Grounds 33.43286, -98.45732
Bowman Cemetery 33.824543, -98.548389
Dundee Cemetery 33.727598, -98.884231
German Cemetery Megargel community
Holliday Cemetery 33.82074, -98.68660
Kickapoo Cemetery 33.551212, -98.917566
Kincy Farm Cemetery Unknown
Lake Creek Cemetery 33.74805, -98.47247
Megargel Cemetery 33.45578, -98.95148
Saint Boniface Cemetery 33.65695, -98.46968
Saint Mary Cemetery (aka Windhorst Cem.) 33.57455, -98.441997
Stewart Cemetery 33.747044, -98.72506
Sturgeon Cemetery Between Megargel & Archer City
Turner - Hooten Graves Scotland community
West Fork Cemetery 33.448996, -98.582279
Windhorst Cemetery (see Saint Mary Cemetery)
Yauger Cemetery Scotland community